Olympiad Reworked

On Imperium Lotus x100 we pay most of the attention to Grand Olympiad Games

That being the reason we invented ELO system.

What does ELO system do?

When starting to play and rank up on Olympiad, there is often a problem when you are stronger then the others and you get few points by beating low tier players.

That being said, we invented ELO system where players from 0-50 points pool, 50-150 points pool and 150-1199 points pool are divided and can not face each other.

This system ensures that you get maximum points for your gameplay.

NOTE: If there are not enough players for each pool for 5 minutes, pools will mix and you might have lower or higher opponent.

General details of Grand Olympiad can be found below

  • Grand Olympiad Games start everyday at 18:02 (GMT+4 T'bilisi Time).

  • Grand Olympiad games end everyday at 23:50 (GMT+4 T'bilisi Time).

  • Olympiad Validation period is 12 hours.

Olympiad Validation: Time between end of Olympiad cycle (Sunday) and announcement of heroes. Which means that Heroes will be awarded at 12:00 on Monday.

  • Equipment restriction on Olympiad is 6 on Armor, 6 on Weapons and 6 on Jewelry.

  • Added skills from Balance Changes can not be used on Grand Olympiad Games.

  • Starting points on Olympiad are 50 for everyone.

  • Olympiad cycle ends every Sunday at 23:50 and Olympiad Validation starts.

  • After Heroes are awarded Olympiad resets to 50 points for everyone.

  • Winning a match on Olympiad awards winner with 1000 Olympiad Token.

  • Winning 3v3 Team Game awards winners 3000 Olympiad Tokens.

  • Noblesse Points exchange rate is 100 to 1000.

  • Hero is awarded with 200 Noblesse Points

  • Second place is awarded with 100 Noblesse Points.

  • Third place is awarded with 75 Noblesse Points.

  • Others are awarded with 10 Noblesse Points.

  • Game limit on Olympiad is 100 games.

NEWS: When server chooses an opponent for you, a dialog will appear on both players screens to skip the waiting time (60 seconds). If both players accept this, they will be teleported to arena immediatley (5 seconds) and fight will start normally.

UPDATE: We stated above that we pay most of the attention to Olympiad on this server.

So we updated Olympiad store.

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