Our Special Features that makes your gameplay comfortable

We customized game client in order to make gameplay much more comfortable for everyone.

NOTE: Trying to use custom interface and/or any other interface than provided is strongly prohibited and will result permanent HWID ban.

  • De-buffs now reflect on target nameplate.

  • You can delete items from your inventory using CTRL+ALT+RIGHT CLICK on the item(s) you wish to delete.

Please be careful when deleting items from your inventory, this action is irreversible and permanent. Items deleted from your inventory will not be refunded even if it was an accident.

  • Automatic-Macro toggle - disabled.

  • Auto Enchanting system from Inventory.

  • Auto attribute system by clicking attribute stones.

  • Auto Augment system from inventory.

  • Clan system for listing and finding clans easily from in-game interface.

  • Party finder for listing and finding party easily from in-game interface.

  • Configurable damage on-screen.

  • Target (player) nameplates reflect their class.

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