INFO: Exchange rate for Imperium Coin is 20 = 1 $ (USD)

You can also exchange 1 Imperium Coin to 10 000 000 Adena in Community Board.

Also you can exchange 2 Imperium Coin to 7 Silver Shillen in Community Board.


Main currency on our server, drops from every monster in Imperium world.

Can be spent in ALT+B, buying items from players or offline traders.

Imperium Coin

Currency obtained by donating to our server.

Can be spent in ALT+B, we discourage RMP (Real Money Trading) on our server, also can be spent to buy accessories, consumables, enchants and other types of stuff which makes your gameplay more comfortable.

WARNING: Imperium Coin does not give gameplay advantage to anyone

Silver Shillen

Currency obtained by taking part in various events or giveaways.

Can be spent as an extra currency for certain goods, such as buying items in ALT+B or Olympiad Store.

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