Balance Changes

We at Imperium are working on high five projects for many years, we took every bit of our experience and offered new way of balancing classes and adding skills to them, so the classes that were outdated are back into the game as well as classes who were dominating the battlefield got rebalanced and re-tweaked.

ATTENTION: Changes that are made are under testing and can be changed any time

Two-way De-buffs which were untouched since 2010 release of High Five chronicle has increased chance by 15%.

Also we reworked older chronicle de-buffs which were untouched since 2007 release of Interlude.

We generally reworked de-buff system, now its more based on Resists, such as Paralyze Resist, Shock Resist etc. as well as raw stats MEN,CON etc.

Two-way de-buffs are skills which has two stages, for example archer's skill "Stunning Shot" has target cancel chance on hit and stun chance, skills like these are considered as Two-way de-buffs

In our experience enchanter classes are most underrated classes on battlefield. We want to encourage our community to pick enchanters as their main classes, that's why we made MAJOR changes to enchanters.

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